Alain Delon

Regular Fit Baju Melayu - 19020001A (1/3)

Sky Blue
Pine Green
Olive Green

Article Code: 19020001C
Material: Polyrayon, Woven Mini Twill
Colour: Total of 15 colours, broken in 3 product listing
19020002A - 33-Sky Blue, 34-Teal, 45-Turquoise, 47-Pine Green, 48-Olive Green
19020002B - 29-Dark Purple, 55-Mustard, 72-Dark Pink, 75-Chili Red, 77-Dark Red, 93-Grey
19020002C - 99-Black, 28-Dark Purple, 39-Navy, 48-Dark Green, 49-Emerald Green
Cutting: Regular Fit
Size Pack: 1 x Alain Delon Regular Fit Baju Melayu - 19020001C (Only Shirt and Pants)
Size Range: 3XS - XL

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