Slim Fit Baju Melayu Ayah Anak Sedondon set - 19020002D / 19020502D (4/5)

RM99 RM199
Color: Black

Article Code: 19020002D 19020502D
Material: Tetron Spun, Stretchable

Colour: Total of 21 colours, broken in 5  product listing

19020002A 19020502A - 32-Light Blue, 36-Mid Blue, 37-Royal Blue
19020002B 19020502B-62-Dusty Pink,72-Orchid,75-Chili Red,78-Burgundy
19020002C 19020502C - 45-Turquoise, 48-Dark Green, 49-Emerald Green,57-Dk.mustard
19020002D 19020502D- 28-Dark Purple ,39-Navy,89-Dark Brown,99-Black19020002E & 19020502E- 33-Azure ,42-Aqua,92-Silver, 51-Lemon ,61-Salmon,95-Gray

Cutting: Slim Fit
Size Pack: 1 x Baju Melayu Slim Fit Adult Mandarin Collar set - 19020002 or (Shirt and Pants only)
1 x Baju Melayu Slim Fit Kids Mandarin Collar set - 19020502

Size Range: ADULTS XS - XXL and KIDS 3/4 - 13/14

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